ENGINEERED CONCEPTS, LLC. - Emission Free Technologies

From the wellhead to the pipeline Engineered Concepts LLC provides a full range of oil and gas processing solutions and equipment that reduce emissions, simplify operations and add to our customers’ bottom line.

Proven Emission Recovering Natural Gas Processing Technologies

Vapor Recovery Systems

Engineered Concepts employs three unique portable vapor recovery options to address almost any production scenario. 

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E&P and Midstream Process Equipment

Beginning as Olman Heath in the late 1950’s and evolving into today’s Engineered Concepts LLC, invention and innovation continue to be our standard operating procedure.  With a history of over 40 patents and patents pending, Engineered Concepts continues to engineer and fabricate unique solutions for all phases of the oil and gas industry from the wellhead to the refinery.

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Hydrocarbon Emission Free Dehydration

The EFD is the only EPA field tested and verified process that captures essentially 100% of all BTEX, HAP, VOC and methane emissions 100% of the time. 

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